Supporting You All The Way

Dear Members,

In order to bring some peace & stability to RBCG Bank, we understand there is much to be done…

That being said in order to help us better serve you and to better deal with your issues, please use the below form

Please Note!!!

Queries WILL be dealt with & processed in the order in which the arrive to support. There is NO queue jumping here & rest assured you will get an individual professional & personal response from our Head Of Support – Helen Coleman.

Going forward temporarily, while we stream line our backend. Please ensure the form is filled out 100% correctly. Any fields which have not be clearly provided will NOT receive a reply. So if you do NOT hear from support within 24 hrs it means you have done something wrong.

If you ONLY have 1 issue that needs to be fixed, DO NOT select multiple entries from the list as it will only waste Admins time.

We thank our members for the continued support!


The form you are about to use will require your address that is linked to your verified ID in the exchange. Should you select multiple entries but only have 1 issue to be solved. Members will be invoiced which will be delivered via post mail of £25 admin fee. Payable within 2 weeks from the date of the invoice.